Monetize your Audience

Create your own ecommerce store

With our business-in-a-box solution, add a new revenue stream to your content business by building your own ecommerce store on the CreCo platform.

Earn on each sale from your store with 0 cost & 0 effort for order fulfilment

Content Creator Store
Why CreCo

Complete Control

Curate the products that you know your audience will appreciate. You retain complete editorial rights over your store.

Personalized Offers

Run branded & personalized discounts for your audience once a quarter. We cover the costs, your audience enjoys the benefits.

Additional Affiliations

Once you join the CreCo Community, we will surface your profile to our partner brands to enable direct affiliations.


You've got questions, and we have the answers.

How does it work?

Curate products from our catalog. Customize the look of your store. Get a branded link.
Add the branded link to your Social Media Profiles & drive audience to your store.
Earn when a customer shops from the store.

How will I earn?

You earn whenever a customer shops from your branded store link - it doesn't matter if they shop from your curation or from the wider catalog. As long as they land on the store from your link, you get the credit.

What can I customize on my store?

Add a cover image that reflects your identity. Tell your audience why you created the store and what type of products they can expect to find in your store. You also have complete editorial rights over what products you want on your store.

How much can I expect to earn?

This varies for each Content Creator depending on the demography of your audience, your content niche and the frequency & quality of your posts. We will regularly share tips, tricks & best practices to help increase your earnings.
We succeed when you succeed.

Can anyone create their store?

Anyone can apply to create a store with through the 'Apply Now' button. However, we are working with only a limited set of Content Creators that we know would benefit from this program. We are gradually expanding the program to our waitlist and would encourage you to apply to get on to the waitlist.